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  • Philadelphia Neighborhood Pennants
  • Philadelphia Neighborhood Pennants
  • Philadelphia Neighborhood Pennants
  • Philadelphia Neighborhood Pennants
  • Philadelphia Neighborhood Pennants
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Ask and ye shall receive. Let us know which neighborhoods are your favorites so we have a better idea of which ones we should produce next.

Which Neighborhoods should we do next? (Choose up to three)

We started small, but doesn't mean we can't make it big. Vote for your city and don't forget to spread the word!


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About Eastern Standard Co.

I’ve never been very interested in sports. In my younger years, I cowered in gym class, teetered on roller blades, and belly-flopped off the diving board. Sure, I got swept up in Phillies Phever a few years ago, but I’m a fairweather fan. When my boyfriend started making baseball bats and considered opening a baseball-related online store, I didn’t have much to contribute. But the spirit of sports got me thinking about what I would root for: my neighborhood.

I’ve lived in Fishtown for three years; before that I lived in Northern Liberties, Kensington, and Maryland, where I grew up. I’ll probably leave Fishtown someday, but the fact remains: these places are part of me because they’re an indelible part of my past.

Speaking of the past, the history of Philadelphia is fascinating; I’ve spent hours looking through old photos and reading up on Philly’s history. Each pennant design is unique to the neighborhood it represents: the Lenni Lenape that famously (perhaps regrettably) signed a treaty with William Penn in Fishtown, the Victorian styling of the homes in West Philadelphia, the Italian ice shops of Bella Vista in the 1960s, and so on. Eastern Standard is a small operation, so we’re taking polls on which neighborhood pennants to produce next; if you don’t see your neighborhoods here in the shop, make sure to vote.

Once designed, the pennants are measured, cut, screenprinted, pressed and sewn right here in a converted warehouse in Philadelphia. Producing goods locally is important to us, and we’ve taken special care to ensure that each part of the pennant is made in the United States: felt, ink and thread.

Whether you’re a current resident or a geographical alumnus, I’ve made these pennants for you, fellow Philadelphians: symbols of pride, conversations starters, markers of your past or present. I hope you like them.


We Are Eastern Standard Co.